L’Iris de Fath, Jacques Fath (english version)

During Esxence 2018, we had the great pleasure to unveil to the public L’Iris de Fath, reissue of the mythical Iris Gris by Jacques Fath. Launched in 1947, it was discontinued seven years later when the fashion designer who trained Hubert de Givenchy, Guy Laroche and Valentino, died.

L’Iris de Fath, reissue of l’Iris Gris by Jacques Fath

Result of more than one and half year of intense work, this oustanding perfume reborn thanks to the trust and the determination of Rania Naim, Creative Director of Jacques Fath, and with the support of Panouge. We are very proud of this fragrance which had to be the nearest of the original version. It was elected unanimously by blind testing by an expert panel of professionals and perfume passionates.

« The main components used in the original version were preserved as they shape the complexity and fullness of L’Iris de Fath. At the same time, we had to take different paths from those undertaken by Vincent Roubert to achieve the same effects and to provoke the same emotions. »

|Patrice Revillard, Perfumer|

Our passion for Perfume History and for the exceptional raw materials, and our excellent knowledges about vintage fragrances, allowed us to conclude this incredible project.

« All this was achieved by smelling the different Iris Gris vintage perfumes that were at our disposal, including the re-composition of the Osmothèque, made by Jean Kerléo. And by using our knowledges, our noses, without direct access to the formula, only for one purpose: to be able to smell again this masterpiece, proportioned in noble ingredients at a breathtaking level. »

|Yohan Cervi, Maelstrom’s Creative Director|


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